Starting a Cake Decorating Business

Children as well as adults just love to have cakes and eat them too especially on special occasions. However, people know that today, they are quite expensive and some would just make it by themselves. Those who have some enterprising spirit may take on this as a cue to think of starting a cake business. People who have some creativity can take baking as well as cake decorating classes before they venture out in the decorating business. The more creative they are, the better it would be for this type of business as people from around the world buy this as gifts and as part of celebrations.

Those who would like to start may get orders from their friends and from their families first in order for them to gain experience and the confidence to offer their products to other people as well. A home decorating business may be a good way to start as it can provide the necessary venue for the preparation of a larger business in case people would really like to get their business rolling.

Materials for Baking and for Decorating Cakes

*Different sizes and shapes of baking pans for cakes


*Cake Mixes or they can also prepare their own


*Cake Decorating Supplies (Rose Nails, Bags for icing, Rose petal or leaf tips, cake boards, boxes and other cake decorations)

These materials are good for those who are starting a small cake decorating business at home. People who would like to do some professional decorating business will need more materials and equipment depending on the type of cakes like wedding cakes as well as the type of customers that they would cater to. Those who would like to build their cake business have to take photos and make descriptions of the cakes that they have baked and decorated. They can make use of these when they start offering their products and their expertise on cake decorating.

The cake decorating business can be a rewarding venture and an excellent way of expressing creativity. People who enjoy such activities will have more chances at succeeding in this business. People may earn a good amount of income even if they would only cater to their family and their friends’ orders. Cake decorators or designers will always have customers especially if other people are satisfied and are happy with the beautifully decorated and delicious cakes that they have ordered.

Start Your Own Cake Decorating Business at Home – Part 1

You’ve probably made a cake at some time in your life, and chances are you have iced or frosted a cake as well. Then why not start your own cake decorating business at home? Think about it. Everybody has a birthday once a year, a large number of people get married, and there are thousands of retirements, graduations, and baby showers in your area each year, along with a number of other special occasions that are celebrated with the cutting of a cake as a centerpiece of the formalities. Someone is paid for making and decorating those cakes (millions every year!), so why not you?

It is vital to run this most artistic of enterprises as a business – you may be doing it because you love the art of cake decorating (and who could blame you – some of the cakes I have seen are simply breathtaking in their beauty of design and skill of execution), but it is an expensive and time consuming hobby and really needs to turn a profit to enable continued enjoyment. Besides – if you want to make and decorate cakes for fun – who is going to eat them? Plenty of people make a good living by running their own home based cake decorating business, but they have to take it seriously and work hard at both their cake decorating skills and their business management skills to do so. Following are a few things to consider when starting your own cake decorating business:

Choose a niche area to start with The cake design industry is enormously varied: novelty cakes for childrens’ birthdays, gorgeous creations of three tiered baroque extravagances for weddings, or the refined glamor of some of the modern minimalist designs – whatever niche you choose to start with, research it thoroughly, check out the competition, decide exactly what your product is, and then take the time to practice and perfect it until you are ready to start offering your cakes to the market. What you must not do to start with is to try and cover all genres – each has different styles, materials, market, and expectations, so choose one and work it until you have a thorough understanding of it and a well established customer base. Once you have mastered one genre, you can start on another. You will find that many of the skills you have mastered in one genre are easily transferable to another, and the new skills you pick up are interchangeable with other niches.

Master your skills and techniques Before you can offer your cake decorating service to the public, you need to be sure that your skills and your product are of a sufficiently high standard. Take classes or online courses if you need to, or just refine your methods at home. Then practice, practice, practice – you will eventually achieve perfection. Try out your creations at family occasions – you will soon know if people are going to like your cake decorating enough to pay for it. If your baking and decorating skills are up to standard (and if they’re not, this can be easily achieved by means of online courses, instructional videos, or evening classes held in your area) then you are ready to enter the fascinating, creative, and profitable world of running your own cake decorating business from home.

Don’t forget to promote your business Word of mouth is the best, but not the only, way to promote your cake decorating business. Most special occasion cakes will be seen by a lot of people at once, and if they like what they see, they will want to know who made it. You should view all guests at these occasions as potential clients, and the cake itself as your ‘shop window’. It is also important to use other avenues for promotion – paid advertising has its place if researched thoroughly and used wisely – but a lot of your best advertising will come from word of mouth generated by the quality of your product and the reliability of your service.