Is Starting A Cake Decorating Business Right For You?

If you enjoy cake decorating and are interested in starting a “work from home” business, then starting a cake decorating business may be a worthwhile option for you. In this article I’ll give you a couple of important points that you’ll want to consider if you’re wanting to start a business out of your home decorating cakes.

First, you need to ask yourself this question: do you like cake? It might sound a little silly, but it’s a practical concern if you’re going to work from home in your own baking and decorating business. If you don’t like cake or tire quickly of the cooking, tasting, and decorating, then you may have nothing on your hands but a good recipe for burnout.

If you love baking, smelling, decorating, and eating cakes then you’re probably on the right track. The thing you have to realize is that once you turn your hobby into a business, it will begin to feel like work. It is fun work though, and if you’re passionate about cake then it just may be the perfect work for you.

The very next thing you should think about with regards to starting a business in baking and decorating cakes is this:

How will you get customers?

It’s an important question that (believe it or not) many would-be business owners overlook. The marketing aspect of business is one that you can’t neglect, and generally “word of mouth” isn’t sufficient for a marketing plan. At the very least, you should know two things…

1. How will you get your first customer?

2. How will you get your second?

Again it may sound silly, but it’s super important so don’t dismiss it! Decide on a cost effective strategy to get your first few customers.

Figure out how much starting a business from home in doing something you love to do is going to cost you and do the math to see how many customers you’re going to need to pay for those costs. Then come up with a plan to get those customers.