Enhance Your Home Decoration Business’ Brand Identity With Letterheads and Envelopes

How to Design Letterheads and Envelopes that Represent your Brand

Your home decoration business can benefit a lot from having its own company letterheads and envelopes. Customers will instantly recognize your brand with the use of matching letterheads and envelopes. Matching letterheads and envelopes help strengthen all your branding efforts. These also give out a good impression to all your customers.

Designing your print letterheads and print envelopes is essential for your business, because these print materials must be able to represent your brand in the most professional way possible. Here are 4 design tips that you can use for your company’s letterheads and envelopes.

o Keep your design simple. Overcrowding your letterheads and envelopes with too much images is never a good idea. This can distract your customer’s attention. You wouldn’t want your customers to pay too much attention on your design rather than your letter’s content. A simple design looks clean, organized and more professional so keep your design elements minimal.

o Focus on your brand logo. Decide where you want to place your company logo and make sure that your logo can easily be noticed by your customers. This also enables your customers to associate your logo with your brand. A well-positioned logo can make a big impact on the over-all presentation of your print letterheads and print envelopes.

o Achieve consistency. Base the color of your stationery’s design with the colors of your brand logo to come up with a unified look for your print materials. Consistency in design helps customers to retain your brand’s identity in their minds. Choose design elements that complement with each other for a more organized and appealing look.

o Invest on quality online printing. High quality printing enhances the look of your letterheads and envelopes so better yet have your print materials printed by a reputable online printer. Their top of the line printing service can even exceed all your expectations

How to Start a Home Decor Business

The home decorating industry in America generates a solid $270 billion dollar market annually. People are choosing to spend more time at home, and more money on making that home what they want it to be. Home décor items are also becoming increasingly popular as gift items for family, friends, and office exchanges. If you look around you’ll see a multitude of products to enhance and embellish the home; from small trinkets to large décor items, there’s always something for everyone.

Knowing there is a market for these types of products is only the beginning of your decision to start a home décor business of your own.

You’ll need to decide exactly what facet of the business attracts you most; what do you like, what can you see yourself doing for many years. If you have training in design and decorating, you may be able to develop your own consulting firm, partnering with local businesses who will give you price reductions for the guaranteed orders you bring in. This is a type of career that takes dedication, and commitment to customer satisfaction. You will need to research the market for such services in your area, and decide whether the fees you can charge, will adequately compensate for the investment of your time and energy.

Alternately, you may choose to go strictly into a sales-oriented business, selling accessories for the home, which could range from figurines, to candles, fixtures, lamps, rugs, and small gift items. This option has the potential to be expensive to start-up as an individual, which is why many people decide to at least start out with an established company who offers good commissions, sales bonuses, and other incentives in return for selling the proprietary or specially selected items that they offer through home sales or parties.