Enhance Your Home Decoration Business’ Brand Identity With Letterheads and Envelopes

How to Design Letterheads and Envelopes that Represent your Brand

Your home decoration business can benefit a lot from having its own company letterheads and envelopes. Customers will instantly recognize your brand with the use of matching letterheads and envelopes. Matching letterheads and envelopes help strengthen all your branding efforts. These also give out a good impression to all your customers.

Designing your print letterheads and print envelopes is essential for your business, because these print materials must be able to represent your brand in the most professional way possible. Here are 4 design tips that you can use for your company’s letterheads and envelopes.

o Keep your design simple. Overcrowding your letterheads and envelopes with too much images is never a good idea. This can distract your customer’s attention. You wouldn’t want your customers to pay too much attention on your design rather than your letter’s content. A simple design looks clean, organized and more professional so keep your design elements minimal.

o Focus on your brand logo. Decide where you want to place your company logo and make sure that your logo can easily be noticed by your customers. This also enables your customers to associate your logo with your brand. A well-positioned logo can make a big impact on the over-all presentation of your print letterheads and print envelopes.

o Achieve consistency. Base the color of your stationery’s design with the colors of your brand logo to come up with a unified look for your print materials. Consistency in design helps customers to retain your brand’s identity in their minds. Choose design elements that complement with each other for a more organized and appealing look.

Wholesale Home Decorating Business

Do you want to be your own boss and start your own business? Are you interested in started your own Cowboy jewelry business but is it that you are confused about how to go ahead with it and how to materialize this wholesale home decorating business? You can initially start with a small wholesale home decorating business and then gradually proceed ahead and flourish your business. In this wholesale decoration business you can learn as you go ahead with it. This type of business is flexible and the decorator can even function from his or her home. The owner of this decoration business can make money by using his or her creative skills by helping the clients to increase their living spaces.

It is advisable to take a decorator certification course before you start the business as this will enable you in being quite comfortable with the clients so that the clients hire you. You can also get acquainted regarding – the various elements that are utilized in decoration, the terminologies used, use of color and light, decorating styles, use of accessories, etc. Get your first decorating experience by working on your own homes.

You can initially start this decoration business with a very low investment. You require to do some research before going ahead with this business. You need to find out what sells in your area, whether is it Country western décor, wholesale western décor or wholesale fleur de lis. You need to assess what the people desire.

Then, you need to judge where and how you would like to sell the wholesale decoration products. You can sell these products either online or at stores. You can advertise some of the products on eBay or even sell variety of the home décor products at a shop. You can even rent a booth at the local antique and gift mall to display your collection of country decoration, wholesale western décor or wholesale fleur de lis. There are several possibilities with which you can go ahead with setting up of your own wholesale home decorating business. You require to market your decorative products through various web sites or search engines. Initially you need to decide how you would like to go ahead with the marketing of your decorative items. You shall require to create some contacts with a few people such as Interior designers; Home builders and contractors; architects; Art galleries; Carpet companies; Paint companies; Antique dealers; Arts and crafts stores; Lighting specialists; Furniture stores and dealers; etc. Contact with these people shall be beneficial for you as these people may come across persons who may require the services of a wholesale home decorator. They can put you in contact with potential customers. These people can help you in expanding your business hence, acquaintance with them is essential.

After you have set your wholesale decorating business then you shall require a tax resale number and a business name so that you can place orders for country decoration, wholesale western décor or wholesale fleur de lis products straight from the wholesale décor companies.